The following are baskets designed and woven by myself in Wardy Hill, Ely that I used to sell. I no longer run my Basketry business or teach Basketry– I make purely for pleasure as a hobby. Please do not ask me to make anything or to teach you how to weave a basket.  Respect my decision to no longer run a business as a Basketmaker. If you wish to find a maker please look at The Basketmakers’ Association Website. If you are looking to copy my designs, please don’t. Be original and design your own and have fun being creative. July 2022.

Handbag basket with leather handle White and Dicky Meadows willow zigzag weave handbag
Handbag basket Buff and white willow handbag

Cambridgeshire rush tote in twill weave with leather shoulder straps

Willow oval shoulder bag Oval based shoulder bag with adjustable leather handle
Oval shopper with rope border and handle
Three sizes of Log basket
Willow serving platter Serving platter in various willows

Cambridgeshire rush place mats by diameter

Cambridgeshire potato cobs
White and buff willow Potato Cob baskets 
Willow Eel Trap/Hive based on Welney pattern circa mid 20th Century  
Cane Creel with leather carrying strap

Rush Trapezium Totes with leather handles

Trapezium Tote in Cambridgeshire Rush with leather handles

Tiny Cambridgeshire Rush Heart love token/Christmas decoration

Cambridgeshire Rush Reindeer

Cambridgeshire Rush Snowflake

Willow Christmas Tree Stars

Cambridgeshire Rush corn dolly Baubles

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