The following are baskets designed and woven by myself in Wardy Hill, Ely that are part of my current range for 2021. I work in willow grown in Somerset and Cambridgeshire and fresh water rush that I harvest with my family in waterways around Ely.

If you would like to purchase an item direct from me then please contact me at or call 01353 776030. Lead times for some items is 2-3 weeks. These are prices as of 1st April 2021. I do not provide free samples and do not stock shops on a sale or return basis.

Handbag basket with leather handle White and Dicky Meadows willow zigzag weave handbag basket £60
Handbag basket Buff and white willow handbag basket with 2 leather handles £80

Cambridgeshire rush tote in twill weave with leather shoulder straps Small(H10 xW 10 x D5 inches) £85, Large (H10 x W13 x D5 inches) £105,Slender Tote with short handles (H10 x W17 xD5 inches) £120.

Willow oval shoulder bag Oval based shoulder bag with adjustable leather handle £85
Oval shopper with rope border and handle £70
Three sizes of Log basket  Small £60(diameter 9 inches,height 10 inches)
Medium £70(diameter 11 inches,height 13 inches)
Large £90(diameter 14 inches,height 14 inches)
Willow serving platter Serving platter in various willows  Small £20, Large £35

Cambridgeshire rush place mats by diameter- 4 inch £6, 5 inch £8, 6 inch £10, 7 inch £16, 8 inch £20, 9 inch £22, 10 inch £24, 12 inch £26, 13 inch £30

Cambridgeshire potato cobs
White and buff willow Potato Cob baskets with willow or wire base £85
Willow Eel Trap/Hive based on Welney pattern circa mid 20th Century  £250
Cane Creel with leather carrying strap £180

Rush Trapezium Totes with leather handles -Large £175 Top width 18 inches

Base width 10 inches

Height 12 1/2 inches

Depth 5 1/2 inches

Trapezium Tote in Cambridgeshire Rush with leather handles-Small £85

Tiny Cambridgeshire Rush Heart love token/Christmas decoration £5 each (10cm x 10cm x 1cm).

Cambridgeshire Rush Reindeer £5 each(plaited in fine or coarse rushes to vary sizes from 15cm tall to 30cm).Please specify when ordering.

Cambridgeshire Rush Snowflake £12 (9 inch diameter).

Willow Christmas Tree Stars £7 for a set of 5.

Cambridgeshire Rush corn dolly Baubles Small(diameter 5.5cm) £5, Medium(diameter 7.5cm)£6, Large(diameter 8.5 cm)£7, Extra Large(diameter 12cm)£10.