2023 Collection

The following are baskets designed and woven by myself in Wardy Hill, Ely, Cambridgeshire. I am in the process of designing and making new work and the website will be updated regularly in early Spring 2023. If you are looking to make a repeat order of a product then please email me at elybasketmaker@gmail.com Please note that prices will have increased since you last purchased, and I am not holding lots of stock due to working on new designs, so please be patient as Basketmaking is a slow craft. Thanks for your interest in my work. Nadine Anderson, January 2023.

Nadine Anderson in her studio with some of her designs
“Squat” Berry Basket

Squat Berry Basket £70 Diameter 17cm, Height 19cm Leather handle with brass rivets. Cambridgeshire grown willow woven in Zig Zag weave, with Somerset grown white willow as a foil to highlight the natural colours of the bark and buds. Dickie Meadows, Brittany Green, Light Dicks, Dark Dicks are among the varieties we grow in a Fenland village just outside of Ely, Cambridgeshire.

“Egg” Basket

“Egg” Basket £45 Diameter 20cm, Height to Border 10cm, Height to handle 24cm Round shallow basket with a handle woven with English rand side weave and with a herringbone bind and follow on plaited handle wrap detail within the top waling. Cambridgeshire grown willows contrasting with Somerset grown White or Buff willow. Rather traditional and very useful around the home or garden. It holds a lot more than a dozen eggs.

“Catalan” Platter

“Catalan” Platter £25 28cm x 23cm x 4cm A really useful serving platter or trivet so named because the Basketmakers of Catalonia often use this technique as the base of a basket, the tension of the rods sitting against a hoop or frame is very strong and aesthetically pleasing. Woven in various combinations of stripped and willow with the bark on to highlight the beauty of each. Other sizes and shapes are available on request.

“Wilderspin” Creel £170.00 Width 20cm, Height 19cm, Depth 12cm Leather strap that is 2.5cm wide and adjustable in length for a shoulder or cross body wearing. Woven in fine natural cane and painted with a matte finish water based varnish for water proofing. All weavers are finished on the inside so the basket is very smooth and won’t catch when worn against sweaters.Creel can be lined or unlined in a fabric of choice, sometimes vintage if available.£190.00 if lined.

“Pumpkin” Log Basket

“Pumpkin” Log Basket £70, £80, £100 Small- Diameter 22cm-35cm,Height 27cm, Height to handle 32cm. Medium- Diameter 25cm-45cm, Height 32cm, Height to handle 38cm. Large- Diameter 30cm-55cm, Height 35cm, Height to handle 40cm. Woven mainly in Cambridgeshire grown willows with Somerset grown stripped White or Buff willows as a contrast.A continental split stick base with an English rand side weave. Very light, strong and useful for carrying and storing logs, kindling, shoes and toys. So named for it’s curvy, ergonomic profile.

Cut Flower or Garden Basket £80
“Lemon” Basket

“Lemon” Basket £20 Height 48cm, Diameter 10cm A conical shaped basket designed to hang in the kitchen for storing lemons, limes, garlic, shallots and walnuts for pleasing to look at and easy to access storage of kitchen staples. Woven in various willows and shown here in Somerset White willow.

Oval Log Basket £100 Base dimensions 44cm x 34cm, Top dimensions 58cm x 45cm, Height 28cm, Height to top of handles 34cm. A large sturdy Log basket woven in Cambridgeshire and Somerset Willows. A traditionally English underfoot base with slewed side weaving.Ideal for logs, kindling, shoes and toy storage.

“Grid” Serving Basket £50-£70 Large -Diameter 54cm, Height 14cm Small- Diameter 30cm, Height 14cm Serving basket based on an Irish “Skib” basket used for gathering,draining and serving potatoes. Great used as a fruit basket or for drying walnuts or cobnuts, or as a serving platter for cakes, bread or as a trivet or tray. They can be stored in a sculptural way on walls between use.

Fruit & Bread Basket £30 Base diameter 19cm, Top diameter 29cm, Height 10cm An everyday use basket woven in Cambridgeshire and Somerset willows, with French rand side weave for a beautiful dynamic spiral pattern.

Cambridgeshire Rush Heart
Love Token

Rush Heart Love Tokens Small £6, Large £12 Small 10cm x 8cm, Large 21cm x 18cm Plaited fine or coarse Cambridgeshire Rushes tied with raffia, linen, hemp or ribbon to make a love token based on a traditional Corn Dolly. Lovely to gift at any time of the year but particularly at Valentines, Christmas, Birthdays or Christenings, and often used as wedding favours.

Rush Reindeer

Rush Reindeer £6 each Woven in Cambridgeshire Rush which we harvest every Summer in the waterways around Ely. A rustic Festive season decoration that has a tiny carbon footprint despite them having four legs! Based on an ancient design found all over the globe woven in the vernacular plant matter.

Set of 5 Willow Stars

Set of 5 Willow Stars £6 Stars measure approximately 12cm x 12cm and are woven in Cambridgeshire & Somerset Willow. They make decorations with a very low carbon footprint and will last for years.

Oval Laundry Basket £140

English Oval underfoot base modern laundry basket in white and Brittany Green willow with leather handles £140. Width 40cm, Depth 28cm, Height 42cm.

Conical Lampshade £90

I think “shadow thrower” is probably a more appropriate name than lampshade, as the spacious graphic nature of the Irish weave used in traditional Donkey Creels, makes beautiful patterns on the walls. Woven in Cambridgeshire grown willows such as Brittany Green or Dickie Meadows. Height 41cm, Top Diameter 14cm, Base Diameter 24cm.

Sconce wall hanging basket £30

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