The following are photos of me and my work as well as examples of the work made in workshops with students. I no longer teach Basketry or make to commission or run a business- my weaving is purely for pleasure as a hobby.

Nadine Anderson with Willow Eel Hives & Potato Cobs
Fine Rush Baskets & Mats with Tools of the Trade
Round Rush Large Bread Basket- Double Checked Weave Centre
Rush Storage Basket woven in Twill Weave with Sandwich Fold & Sew Border-made on a mould
Interior of a Rush Humbug Basket woven in Burkina Plait
Willow Egg Baskets in White & Dickie Meadows
Beginners Round Willow Baskets & their makers hands
Large Zarzo Platters in White & Dickie Meadows Willow
Willow Plant Supports Workshop -students finished work at Wicken Fen
White & Steamed Dickie Meadows Willow Lampshade
Willow Swallows & Swifts
Rush Tote in Twill Weave with Leather Handles- made on a mould
White Willow Mending Baskets and Hanging Storage Basket with Plaited Rush as Side Weave
Buff & Dickie Meadows Willow Berry Basket with asymmetric border and cobnut handle
Zigzag weave
Detail of zigzag weave in white and Dickie Meadows willow
Cambridgeshire Rush Bucket Tote with leather handles


Students fine Rush basket
Students fine Rush basket
Students Rush Tote & Place Mat
Rush Humbug Baskets woven in the Burkina Plait Technique


Students willow log basket about to be picked off/ trimmed up
Students Rush Baskets & Mats woven at Cambridge Botanic Gardens 2019

Rush Reindeer
  • Christmas Decorations

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